CoLOS Printer Performance

CoLOS Printer Performance

Once production is up and running, CoLOS® Printer Performance enables you to get immediate alerts for printer problems to your mobile devices and instantaneous access to printer performance indicators and dashboards.

Instant visibility of printer performance

  • Optimized dashboards
    Access to your marking and coding activities printer performance from one comprehensive dashboard.
  • Reduced running costs
    Anticipate changing consumables and identify low printer availability. Review and analyze your historical production data with exported data files.
  • Performance dashboard from any device
    Access your printer data and performance dashboard from any compatible user interface or mobile device connected to your factory network.

Greater uptime

  • Optimized printer performance
    Check displays and logs printer pack-rate, availability and consumable consumption no matter where your are.
  • SMS/Email alerts
    Get immediate event-based alerts when an incident occurs.
  • Improved operational performance
    Identify existing bottlenecks and performance losses due to usage issues to implement process improvements on continuous basis.

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