9450 S

9450 S

Optimize your TCO(1) and operating expenses by 30%! Dedicated to the beverage industry, the 9450 S is more than just fast! The 9450 S combines state-of-the-art technology and expertise to ensure your product is coded right on its way out the door to the customer!

Secured traceability, all the way to your final customer

  • 30%(1) TCO reduction. Optimized additive and energy consumption.
  • Mark & Read it directly on your user interface and check your code is right to prevent product recalls and waste.
  • Smart consumable system reduces errors and requires no setup.

High hygiene expectations, one clean 9450 S solution

  • Hygienic full stainless steel design, with no retention zones, allows for efficient washdown (full IP56/IP66).

Multiple coding needs, one versatile ink solution

  • Increase uptime by coding all of your products with the same printer.
  • Promotional coding made easy via a USB drive or CoLOS option.
  • Consistent two-line code at120,000 packs per hour.
  • Additional high performance contrast ink option for dark glass substrates, including for returnable glass.


(1) TCO: Total Cost of Ownership. Compared to other competitive models in the same category.



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