9450 E

9450 E

Dedicated to the pipe, cable, tube and profile industries, the 9450 E combines a revolutionary ink circuit with a new generation printhead design that will ensure the quality of your codes even on dark substrates with an optimized TCO.

Improve your productivity

  • Reduced TCO. 20%(1) ink savings without compromising on contrast.
  • Up to 1,800(2) miles of cable printing without printhead cleaning.
  • 20% faster(3).  Up to 1,000 m/min for wire harnessing and optical fiber applications.
  • Secure code positioning every time and in 1 second thanks to the new dedicated bracket.
  • Precise when using the embedded metering function: 3/32" mm tolerance.

Specialty inks for high contrast and robust adhesion

  • Specialty range of inks for multiple environments.
  • New contrasted one-fits-all silver ink to code all extruded plastics including the most difficult.
  • New MEK-free inks that facilitate regulation and compliance-related hassle, improve operator safety, level of comfort while improving TCO.
  • Make sure your code lasts, even on PE.
  • Multiple colors: black, white, orange, blue, green, red and yellow.


(1) TCO: Total Cost of Ownership. Compared to other competitive models in the same category.
(2) Metering application based on 190 million characters printed.
(3) Compared to other competitive models in the same category.


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