Indexing/barcoding, stamp cancellation, franking/metering, addressing, final sorting and proof of delivery.


Bar/No Bar, 4-state barcodes 2D codes and alphanumeric characters. 


Label, parcel and mail.

Market needs

High speed printing, high quality marking, robustness for demanding environments and compliancy with legal requirements. 

Specific applications: 

  • Invisible fluo ink marking.
  • Indebile ink cancelling.

Markem-Imaje Solution

We provide 100% accurate coding for indexing/bar coding, stamp cancellation, addressing, final sorting and proof of delivery. Our machines provide high speed printing, robustness for demanding environments and compliancy with legal requirements. Whether you are printing on mail, parcels or labels, the Markem-Imaje postal solutions produce the highest quality marking while reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO), increasing your sustainability, and minimizing operator errors with intuitive controls and our CoLOS software.

Dedicated products for your specific market

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