Ice creams, frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen meat, poultry or fish products as well as pre-cooked frozen meals.


Best before dates, batch numbers, ingredients, logos, barcodes and 2D codes.


Flexible packaging, PP wrappers and carton.

Market needs

High quality marking, robustness for demanding environments, compliancy with legal requirements, reduction of packaging inventory and printing of promotional codes. 

Specific applications: 

  • Printing of messages for multipack or multi-track applications.
  • Printing of high definition characters.

Markem-Imaje Solution

We have developed a targeted solution that provides the lowest total cost per print and total cost of ownership (TCO), the highest quality codes and service, and 100% coding integrity, using the latest technologies such as our SmartLase C350. Whether you are printing on flexible ice cream packs, folding cartons, board tubs or pallets, a Markem-Imaje solution is your best option. Powered by our CoLOS software to minimize the risk of operator error, our laser, inkjet and print & apply machines will provide the flexibility and efficiency needed for the frozen food market.

Dedicated products for your specific market

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