Consumable Solutions

Consumable Solutions

As a company interested in supporting sustainable solutions, Markem-Imaje prides itself on providing a range of technologically advanced and environmentally-friendly options for its customers:

VOC*-free marking

Markem-Imaje offers VOC-free marking solutions for every printing technology: continuous inkjet, drop-on-demand valvejet, Touch Dry® hot melt, print & apply, and thermal transfer.

Methanol-free consumables

Markem-Imaje commits to providing methanol-free inks thus improving operator safety and diminishing environmental impact.

MEK-free consumables 

Markem-Imaje offers MEK-free consumable marking solutions for its continuous inkjet line. These consumables are made from solvents which are more operator-friendly than other options available on the market.

Ribbon consumables

Markem-Imaje has developed its print and apply and thermal transfer consumables with sustainability in mind. Its solutions are compatible with recyclable label liners, and so do not contribute as much to landfill waste as other options. 
*Volatile Organic Compounds
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