Hot Melt Industrial Inkjet Printers

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Hot Melt Industrial Inkjet Printers

If your industry pertains to frozen foods, dairy, personal care or pharmaceuticals, you may experience problems in marking and coding. "Best-by" or "use by" dates can easily smear on cartons and other flexible or slick surfaces, making the print unreadable. Now, the Markem-Imaje 6000 Series offers an innovative Touch Dry hot melt inkjet technology that puts an end to the headaches. It can be tough to deliver exceptionally clear print in high-speed applications. Packaging materials used for dairy products, ice cream, and personal care items can be particularly challenging. The 6000 Series delivers clean print and dries instantly, without the use of solvents. Your distributors will be happy, but most importantly, the consumer will purchase products instead of putting them back on the shelves due to illegible coding. Simplicity, increased productivity, and exceptional performance are some of the benefits that will make your job not only easier, but more profitable. Here's a quick look: Productivity. Every manufacturing/process company desires production to be up and running with little or no downtime due to printer issues. Downtime costs you money! The Markem-Imaje 6000 Series offers unparalleled printing quality at up to 208 meters/minute. Update images and replace consumables with no interruption. Performance. Consistent, high-quality images for a wide array of packaging materials and storage environments. Simplicity. "No mess" operation means less operator intervention. Operator errors are reduced thanks to an ergonomically designed keypad and local graphic display. Other features you'll find essential to exceptional printing in any high-speed application include:

  • Up to 8 lines of text
  • Print height up to 25.4 mm
  • Surface speeds of 26 m/min to 208 m/min
  • User-defined shift codes
  • Multiple date & time formats
  • Printhead with 96 jets, print test control and push-button maintenance
Turn your production in a whole new direction with the Markem-Imaje 6064/6096 Series! Ideal for high-speed applications, and "instant dry" printing you can count on for even the most challenging packaging materials. Production and profitability have nowhere to go but up! Contact Markem-Imaje US at 1.866.263.4644 for more information. Connect with us on Facebook to get inside access to special prize giveaways, promotions, and industry tips!

January 10, 2014
Markem-Imaje Announces Acquisition of CSAT

Markem-Imaje Announces Acquisition of CSAT
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