The Markem-Imaje Small Character Inkjet Printer - Industrial Inkjet Printers

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The Markem-Imaje Small Character Inkjet Printer - Industrial Inkjet Printers

Whether you're in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics or personal care products industry, wouldn't it be fantastic to experience the capabilities of tomorrow's industrial inkjet printers today? Now, you can. The Markem-Imaje 9232 small character inkjet printer will take your success to a whole new level! This is one inkjet coder that is intuitive. Unparalleled printing performance, reduced costs and less environmental impact are just a few of the advantages of this amazing ink jet printer.

Here's how you can enjoy cost reduction:

  • Reduced additive consumption by as much as 2.5 ml/h at 20 degrees C
  • Longer ink cartridge life
  • Reduced power consumption, as consumption is limited to 60 VA
  • Less maintenance
Depending upon your industry, this Markem-Imaje small character industrial inkjet printer offers countless advantages: Food - Prints directly on food, offers thermochromic marking. Beverages - Returnable bottles? No problem - washable marking makes it easy. You'll also enjoy the ability to produce high-contrast marking on opaque surfaces. Pharmaceuticals - Mark directly on tablets. Personal care products, cosmetics - Marking is alcohol- and water-resistant; coding adheres to PE packaging with no pre-treatment. Electronics - Resistant to high temperatures; marking is alcohol-resistant. Cables and Extrusion - Coding is resistant to water and alcohol; high-contrast marking is resistant to thermal variations. Automative and Aerospace - Vulcanizing marking, certified by leading companies in the sector. Today, manufacturers demand high-performance printing in order to reduce downtime and satisfy customers. With the 9232 industrial inkjet printer, you can rest assured that you are getting the best. When you really need extreme speed, choose the optional ultra-rapid mode. Contrast marking and other applications are made easy with a broad range of colored inks and print speeds of up to 6.6 m/s. Trying to reduce your carbon footprint? You'll enjoy eco-initiatives such as reduced solvent emissions, decreased waste (due to fewer empty cartridges and lowered consumption of inks), 80% recyclable materials, and MEK and ketone-free inks designed for multi-use. Ready for inkjet coding that offers safe, fast consumable changing, flexible integration and a revolutionary user interface? The advantages of the Markem-Imaje 9232 small character industrial inkjet printer are far too numerous to mention here. Give us a call at 1.866.263.4644 to schedule a free demo, and take your manufacturing to the next level. Connect with us on Facebook to get inside access to special prize giveaways, promotions, and industry tips!

January 10, 2014
Markem-Imaje Announces Acquisition of CSAT

Markem-Imaje Announces Acquisition of CSAT
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