Beverage Manufacturers Deserve A Better Beverage Coder!

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Beverage Manufacturers Deserve A Better Beverage Coder!

For beverage manufacturers, we know that hygiene is critical and clean coding essential. Our 9232S offers the very latest technology in high speed coding, and provides perfect, durable printing on pouches, glass, metal, PET, and other substrates commonly used for the packaging of beverages today. Even if your manufacturing facility is located in Florida, Arkansas, or other extremely humid environments, no problem at all. Manufacturers are concerned about not only indelible codes that hold up under the harshest conditions, but solutions that are cost effective as well. The 9232S, as a beverage coder, provides consistent codes under even the most demanding environments, and provides longer printing capabilities without the need of operation intervention. We guarantee our industrial printing solutions, and make it possible for you to enjoy a 30% reduction in cost of ownership without sacrificing quality. 9232S Small Character Inkjet Printer We have designed the 9232S specifically for beverage applications, making it possible for manufacturers to print data on as many as 120,000 cans per hour. This is huge, considering you can rely on quality, indelible printing of product information, best by codes, and more. Your production lines will stay up, reducing labor costs, utility costs, and more. Here's what you can expect with our 9232S high performance printing equipment designed specifically for beverage manufacturers:

  • As many as five lines of printing for 1D and 2D barcodes, logos, dates, alphanumeric text, and more.
  • Up to 32 dots for font heights.
  • Production throughput rates of as much as 120,000 products every 60 minutes when printing two lines at 160/min.
  • As much as 190 million characters per liter standard for ink cartridge life, meaning reduced costs of consumables.
  • Reliability you can count on. The innovative printhead and new ink circuit give the 9232S an astounding 99.9% availability ration - without assistance!
This is the high speed coder that truly is "one size fits all" for beverage manufacturers. With more than 80% recyclable materials and reduced power consumption, those who are doing their part for the environment will find the 9232S the perfect solution. Markem-Imaje provides a wide array of coding and marking solutions for manufacturers across many industries. Come find your solution today!

January 10, 2014
Markem-Imaje Announces Acquisition of CSAT

Markem-Imaje Announces Acquisition of CSAT
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