SCO Monique Ranou | A hand-in-hand partnership

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SCO Monique Ranou | A hand-in-hand partnership

Traceability of delicatessen meats

"Markem-Imaje met our needs by adapting to our requirements. This is real partnership!"
Stéphane Guyader, Maintenance and New Works Director


Ensuring product compliancy
Founded in 1905 in Brittany, France, the SCO Monique Ranou corporation is specialized in cured meat products: cured ham, cured poultry ham, sausages and dry sausages. It also manufactures products with low levels of salt and fat.

At the beginning, the company was run by the Rannou family before being taken over by the Intermarché group in 1998. After slightly changing the spelling of the brand name for marketing reasons, Monique Ranou became Intermarché's distributor brand for all cured meats - fresh and frozen - available on the group’s supermarket and hypermarket shelves.

On its 16 production and packaging lines, the Brittany site produces some 180 million packaged products a year. All require mandatory marking for traceability and best before dates. Recently, the company wanted to review its site’s coding system for four main reasons: "Standardize our printer fleet to avoid human error during programming, automate data transfer (best before dates and batch numbers) linked to our central computer system, secure product compliancy by identifying packaging with quality defects and finally reduce unit marking costs," says Stéphane Guyader, maintenance and new works director at SCO Monique Ranou.

A tailored offer
SCO Monique Ranou chose Markem-Imaje’s global offer. To meet the industrialist’s various needs, Markem-Imaje proposed installing three SmartDate X40 thermal transfer coders for diced ham sachets, thirty-seven 9232 inkjet printers for ham packets and frankfurter-type sausage packaging, and fourteen 2200 print and apply labeling systems for ham packet shipping cartons. The solution also comprises the CoLOS Enterprise software package. Thanks to Markem-Imaje's technical back-up, SCO Monique Ranou's teams were able to network all printers and link them to the company central IS for automating data transfer.

The first advantage is that messages to be printed can be prepared on a PC and second, the messages can be launched without having to enter them on each individual printer, thereby avoiding any operator error. In addition, the company can rely on the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) tool which evaluates the level of printer faults (in the current case 99.6% guaranteed uptime). Finally, all equipment is covered by a Markem-Imaje servicing contract called Smile which includes complete equipment maintenance and supply of consumables.

The result is that since being implemented, the Markem-Imaje system operation has secured marking throughout the product range with minimum human intervention. "Markem-Imaje has been very reactive and able to tailor CoLOS software to our needs. This is real partnership," concludes Stéphane Guyader.

Company details
Name: SCO Monique Ranou
Group: Intermarché, a French supermarket chain also present in Portugal, Belgium and Poland; Intermarché is part of the large
retail group "Les Mousquetaires"
Founding date: 1905, taken over in 1998 by Intermarché
Location: Quimper (Brittany, France)
Business: industrial cured and processed meats
Production: 46,000 tonnes/year

January 10, 2014
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Markem-Imaje Announces Acquisition of CSAT
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