Refresco-Spumador | A fluid solution”

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Refresco-Spumador | A fluid solution”

Traceability of drinks

“Markem-Imaje’s SMILE contract proposal made all the difference as far as we were concerned.”
Tullio Tiozzo, Spumador Operations Director

Multiple needs
Spumador, an Italian company founded in 1888, is the creator of “Spuma”, the legendary traditional lemonade. Over the years, it has expanded its range to include San Antonio mineral water in 1966 and fruit juices such as the SanAttiva range. In 2011, the company,
whose customers include both private individuals and bars and other drink outlets, joined the Refresco group, the leading European producer of soft drinks and fruit juices.

Spumador’s priorities have always been product quality and safety. Reflecting this commitment, in 2000, the company set up a sterile bottling process with rigorous daily controls and advanced bacteriological analyses. In line with its priorities, in 2012, Spumador decided to equip all the lines at its five production sites with “green” inkjet printers, which use MEK-free ink, the intention being to reduce VOC emissions. As far as Tullio Tiozzo, Spumador’s Operations Director, is concerned, the stakes were numerous: “In addition to the environmental aspect, we needed high-output equipment capable of keeping pace with the production
rate of our bottling machines. And, of course, we also required good legibility and excellent printing quality of codes in order to guarantee the traceability of production batches.”

Spumador’s managers also decided to work with just one supplier to equip their five Italian plants. A homogeneous fleet of machines provides more flexibility and versatility in the use of the printers and facilitates the management of operator training.

A unique solution
To meet these demanding specifications, Markem-Imaje suggested SMILE, an all-inclusive, flexible and exclusive contract. For Tullio Tiozzo, “the SMILE proposal made all the difference. This is a turnkey rental solution. We pay a fixed monthly fee for the printers and the cost of consumables is calculated and readjusted on the basis of our volumes.” The SMILE contract has paid off since the monthly payments are lower than the total cost of maintaining the previous machine fleet and purchasing the associated consumables. The company receives comprehensive support and training and consumables are delivered on an agreed schedule. Within the terms
of the contract, the company is also guaranteed to have access to the most recent equipment, corresponding to its requirements at
any given time. Spumador is currently using 9232S inkjet printers, chosen for their speed and capacity to print on a large range
of surfaces including, glass, PET, cardboard boxes and caps.

A number of other factors also came into play: perfect adaptation of the printer to production output, reduced additive consumption, MEK-free ink guaranteeing product safety and increased intervals between cleaning which reduced stoppage times. Finally, Markem-Imaje’s sales teams have always been attentive to the company’s needs, as Tullio Tiozzo describes: “We have been won over by the expertise and availability of Markem-Imaje’s teams. They have met
all our requirements and identified the best solution for us.” In fact the company is so satisfied that it now has a total of thirty 9232S printers installed across its various sites.

Company details
Name: Spumador S.p.A.
Group: Refresco-Gerber, European leader (soft drinks, fruit juices)
Head office: Caslino al Piano (Italy)
Founding date: 1888
Staff: 440 employees
Production sites: 5
Production: 1 billion bottles per year
2013 turnover: 160 million euros

January 10, 2014
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Markem-Imaje Announces Acquisition of CSAT
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