Food Packaging: Key Factors In Choosing Coding & Marking Applications

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Food Packaging: Key Factors In Choosing Coding & Marking Applications

As a food manufacturer, marking and coding may or may not be high on your priority list. Unfortunately, many in the food packaging industry don't give much thought to the technology they use until a customer makes a packaging change, or has new requirements. What happens when a customers makes a change from a cardboard box to a plastic or cellophane package, and all marking must be clearly readable? You're left scrambling and wondering if you have the right technology to perform the job. As leaders in coding and marking systems, Markem-Imaje knows that careful analysis can mean the difference between an efficient operation, and one that results in dissatisfied customers and far too much downtime. Before choosing your marking and coding technology, consider these critical factors:

  • Quality of print - is it legible, permanent, and durable in harsh environments?
  • Types of substrates or materials your production crew will be marking
  • Desired application speed or throughput
  • Whether bar codes, graphics, or variable data are necessary
  • Upfront investment your company is comfortable with
  • Total cost of operation considering such factors as ribbons and inks, cost for maintenance/other service
Once you determine these factors, it's much easier to decide whether thermal transfer printing, continuous ink jet printing, or laser coding offers the most benefits for your unique needs, and those of your customers. Once you have determined which coding and marking technology is best-suited to your company's needs, a supplier representative will be happy to help you with analyzing the costs and features of specific equipment so that before you ever make a purchase, you are confident it will meet your needs, and be within your budget for the long-term. Contact Markem-Imaje today for all of your coding, marking, and industrial traceability needs! Trusted by manufacturers in a wide array of industries around the world, we deliver beyond your expectations.

January 10, 2014
Markem-Imaje Announces Acquisition of CSAT

Markem-Imaje Announces Acquisition of CSAT
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