CIJ Printing The Preferred Coding Technology For Many Industries

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CIJ Printing The Preferred Coding Technology For Many Industries

CIJ Printing The Preferred Coding Technology For Many Industries

Continuous inkjet printers have been among the top selling coding technologies for years, because of their versatility and reliability.  Whether in the food/beverage industry, pharmaceutical, or other industry, CIJ printers remain the preferred coding technology, even above newer technologies that have evolved over the years.  High-speed printing and non-contact are just two of the features companies appreciate.

CIJ printers offer flexibility for printing barcodes, time, date, logos, batch codes, and other data on many substrates, including plastics, food and beverage packaging, metal pipes, pharmaceuticals and toiletries, etc.  Capable of printing on almost any substrate, continuous inkjet printers use various inks that are channeled through a nozzle and then dispersed into droplets that deflect into a dot matrix pattern, which forms the characters printed.  No contact, no mess, and exceptional printing.


Why does CIJ remain at the top of other coding technologies?

  • Continuous inkjet printers are simple to set up and use
  • The have the ability to print on even the most difficult substrates
  • CIJ printers offer outstanding print quality/packaging enhancement
  • They operate flawlessly in difficult or challenging environments
  • They offer barcoding as a component of your marketing system, or for traceability purposes
  • They have the lowest cost per print for exceptional coding in high volume applications

From metal, cardboard, plastics and glass to trays, wrapping films, and corrugate cases, CIJ printing remains on "top of the heap" of coding and marking technologies today, ideal for those in many industries.  For clear, concise coding, ensuring the right code is on the right product and flawless operation even at the fastest line speeds, count on Markem-Imaje.

January 10, 2014
Markem-Imaje Announces Acquisition of CSAT

Markem-Imaje Announces Acquisition of CSAT
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